We’re back from the 2013 KA Olympics, and proud to report that we’ve brought home with us some medals!


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Your generous donations made the following results possible:


  • Out of 12 teams, we placed 6th
  • For individuals rankings out of 32 players:
    • Thomas Youn: 9th
    • Jay Pak: 20th
    • Pablo Oh: 25th


  • won gold (3 years in a row)


  • made it to quarter-finals


  • Sung Min Son  – Silver
  • Hyang Hoon Jung  – Gold
  • Hyun Seok Seo  – Gold

Overall standings: 

  • 1st Place: Chicago
  • 2nd Place:  Washington
  • 3rd Place:  Kansas
  • unfortunately, Toronto is not ranked as we’re not apart of Korean Sports Association in USA & are considered as “Guest City”. However, we still get all the medals/recognition pertaining to individual sports 


Check out some of our pics here

And the Korea Times articles (in Korean) here




From June 21st to June 23rd, 2013, the KCAA will participating in the 2013 Korean American Olympics in Kansas City.

The KCAA’s inaugural particpation in this event in 2009 was an overwhelming success. We came home with 2 Gold Medals in Men’s Hockey and Women’s Volleyball, and everyone involved has the experience of a lifetime. This year will be Toronto’s third time invited to participate in this large scale event and is proud to be sending 4 teams to represent the Korean Canadian community – hockey, basketball, golf, and taekwondo. The event consistently draws over 3,500 athletes and over 1,500 family and friends.



BOARD (본부 임원) (6 members) 
  1. Daniel Kim  (회장)
  2. Danielle Paik  (임원) 
  3. Janice Kim  (임원) 
  4. Randy Kim  (임원) 
  5. Brian Lim  (임원) 
  6. Julia Seo  (사진사/기자)

TAE KWON DO (태권도) (3 players + 1 coach) 
  1. Sung Min Son  (남자 일반부 밴턴급 선수)
  2. Hyang Hoon Jung  (남자 일반부 월테급 선수)
  3. Hyun Seok Seo  (남자 일반부 6단 Poomse 선수)
  4. Philip Jang  (감독) 

GOLF (골프) (3 players + 2 managers) 
  1. Pablo Oh  (남자 일반부 선수) 
  2. Jay Pak  (남자 일반부 선수)
  3. Thomas Youn  (남자 일반부 선수)
  4. Sean Kim  (감독)  
  5. Justin Park  (감독) 

ICE HOCKEY (아이스하키) (12 player + 1 coach) 
  1. Jake Lee  (선수)
  2. Daniel Kim  (선수)
  3. Jinhoo Kim  (선수)
  4. Andrew Song  (선수)
  5. Roy Lee  (선수)
  6. Mike Tsoy  (선수)
  7. Dave Kang  (선수)
  8. Sam Chung  (선수)
  9. Mike Ha  (선수)
  10. Albert Jin  (선수)
  11. Jason Kim  (선수)
  12. Ray Chung  (선수)
  13. Richard Ha  (코치) 

BASKETBALL (농구) (13 players + 2 coach) 
  1. Francis Kim  (선수)
  2. Jasen Kim  (선수)
  3. Andrew Lee  (선수)
  4. Andrew Kyuhuhn Choi  (선수)
  5. Peter Yang  (선수)
  6. James Yoon  (선수)
  7. Sung-Jun Choi  (선수)
  8. James Dong Woo Kim  (선수)
  9. Malik Jamal Phillips  (선수)
  10. Jason Park  (선수)
  11. Tylor Kim  (선수)
  12. Augustine Song  (선수) 
  13. Dennis Kim  (선수)
  14. Frank Min  (코치)
  15. Terrence Phillips  (코치)