As Koreans in the Canadian community, there is without a doubt that the sport of soccer brings people together from all parts of the world. The KCAA has a strong connection with the Korean Canadian Soccer Association who has helped build, strengthen and solidify the Korean Canadian community at various levels. The KCSA has taken soccer in this community to a new level, implementing leagues, tournaments and developmental programs for all aged Korean Canadians here in Toronto.

The KCAA has had the privilege to work very closely with the KCSA in the past year, collaboratively formulating a bunch of elite individuals to represent Canada at the 15th Annual Korean American Olympics. This elite team has also participated in various international and national multicultural tournaments all around the world.

It is with great pleasure and honour to partner with the KCSA and we look forward to organizing more top quality events and teams in the years to come!

Thank you very much,