From the start we knew volleyball would be one of KCAA’s main sports. It’s our only sport that allows both women and men to play independently and interdependently. With few leagues and tournaments devoted to Korean volleyball players, we felt this was an area that needed to be filled.

In our first year, KCAA ran a very successfully co-ed volleyball tournament, bringing the community together in all levels of play. It was a great weekend that showcased the talent out there. However, due to time constraints and scheduling we were unable to run a 2nd annual tournament the following year.

This past year we were invited to participate at the 15th Korean American Olympics held in Chicago, Illinois in June of 2009. In April, tryouts were initiated and an elite women’s team was assembled. In the end, through much work, dedication and efforts from both the coaching staff and players the women’s volleyball team took home the gold medal!

Through this process we realized there was a need to really develop and nurture the talent out there: to bring the Korean volleyball community together, to build and encourage one another and to dream big through the sport of Volleyball. It has motivated us to take the necessary steps to create a volleyball community stemming from the grassroots with the youth, to recreational and to the elites. To foster and grow all 3 levels is now our mandate and goal moving forward with KCAA Volleyball.

Warm Regards,

Susan Kim
KCAA Volleyball Operations