Since its inception in 2007 KCAA has made basketball one of its prime focus sports for the Korean community here in Toronto. Having seen in the past very little outlet for Korean basketball players to gather and play together, KCAA felt that it was vital to provide some sort of basketball outlet to Torontonian Koreans.

Since 2007, KCAA has run a basketball tournament every summer to provide a basketball presence and outlet for the Korean community. Not only providing basketball for the older age groups but recognizing that the youth are a very important aspect of our community and encompassing a youth division in all of our tournaments. We run the tournaments together so that both age groups have the opportunity to see each other play and encourage one another, to provide a sense of family and community through this great sport.

2009 brought about an unprecedented opportunity to be involved in the 15th Korean American Olympic Games in Chicago, Illinois. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, KCAA formed an elite men’s basketball team to represent Toronto in Chicago. The great journey and success of our team in Chicago prompted much enthusiasm and commitment for the development of the sport within our community.

Looking to the future, we are planning to spread our wings and broaden our efforts even more to people of all ages and skill levels. We are looking to provide a consistent place for pick-up basketball, in addition to our development programs and clinics, and house leagues to help promote the love of this game to as many people as possible.


Francis Kim
KCAA Basketball Operations