Dream - Build - Excel


Our aspirations with hockey and the community, within the city of Toronto and abroad, are as big as the game itself. Looking towards the future we are planning to broaden our efforts and devote attention towards the youth with the orientation of youth house leagues, along with coaching and training programs.


Since its inception in 2007 KCAA has made basketball one of its prime focus sports for the Korean community here in Toronto. Having seen in the past very little outlet for Korean basketball players to gather and play together, KCAA felt that it was vital to provide some sort of basketball outlet to Torontonian Koreans.


Whether through hosting our own annual golf tournaments, by managing and organizing golf tournaments for other organizations, or by providing educational workshops, the KCAA is committed to providing quality golfing events for people of all levels and age groups.

Who We Are

The KCAA is a non-profit organization that encourages and enables Korean Canadians to dream, build and excel in and through sport.

Join us on Sunday October 30th for Halloween Family Skate Day!
Registration for this event is now closed as we are now at capacity!  Please stay tuned for future events.

2022-2023 Hockey Season


The 2022-2023 hockey season has officially begun!  The KCAA congratulates the Stars, the Knights, the Hawks and the Lightning for participating in this years season.  May your skates be ever-sharp and your shots be always slapping!

For those that would like to come and cheer the teams on, the games are on Saturday nights from 8:30pm-10:30pm at the Scotiabank Pond.

Please head over to the Hockey Recreation page to check out scores, the full schedule, and more.


Arirang Golf Classic


The KCAA would like to extend a very special thank you to all the participants and volunteers for the Second Annual Arirang Golf Classic Charity Golf Tournament.  This year, the tournament was managed by the KCAA team and was a huge success.

Congratulations to Jay Pak, Eric Won, Shyn Huh, and Paul Yoon for winning with the best scramble score!

We hope to see you all again next year.



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