Welcome to KCAA Hockey

As Torontonians it is easy to understand that the game of hockey is an identity that is rooted in all of us. Organizing and accomplishing such hockey events throughout the years would not have been possible without the support of our community. Much appreciation goes out to the team captains, participating players, fans and sponsors that have shown continuous support throughout the years.

Since originating in the year of 2007 with the debut of the Corea Cup 2007, much has developed since then. From this came the formation of the Korean Canadian Hockey League (KCHL) which is played in the winter season annually along with the Corea Cup which is played in the summer. Also, every year a representative team called the Toronto Korean Tigers is assembled, sponsored and sent to tournaments that are local and international.

Our aspirations with hockey and the community, within the city of Toronto and abroad, are as big as the game itself. Looking towards the future we are planning to broaden our efforts and devote attention towards the youth with the orientation of youth house leagues, along with coaching and training programs. This endeavour, through the initial days of discussions and planning, comes with the satisfaction that our journey has been a successful one thus far and our goal is to continue to bring the enjoyment that the sport of hockey can bring to our community.


Warm Regards,

Victor Seung
KCAA Hockey Operations