We here at the KCAA are devoted to providing the very best events, programs, and experiences for both yourself and your children.

Our staff is made up of individuals around the city that have committed volunteering their time and efforts to making sure our brand lives up to the hype and that all our endeavours run smoothly and flawlessly.
Unfortunately, we’re all just regular humans, working a regular 9-5, and trying to do our best. This ultimately means that mistakes will be made, emails may be left unread, receipts may be missed, etc.
Additionally, while we would absolutely love to allow participation for anyone and everyone expressing interest, sometimes we just don’t have enough staff and have no choice but to put registration limits on our events.
All we ask is for your patience and understanding as we continually try to improve ourselves and the KCAA.

The good news is that the KCAA family is always looking to hire on more assistance in any capacity. Whether you’re interested in a sport that currently already has a program, or you want to see a new league for a sport that we aren’t involved in (yet), or even if you just want administrative experience with events/marketing/websites/etc, we want to work with you in making the community a little bit better.
So if you’re interested in a volunteer or staff position and you are between the ages of 5 and 99, please send us an inquiry using the form below and we will do everything we can to fill you into a role that will work for everybody.