As a grassroots organization, KCAA was literally born over a few cups of coffee and notes on napkins. These scribbles were the fruits of many intense brainstorming sessions and conversations which materialized into what has now strongly been established since 2007, as the KCAA. KCAA strives for continuous growth and improvement in order to make our events more tangible and available for the community. We have been featured regularly in the Sports section of The Korea Times Daily and have gained steady support from our community through various events in the Korean-Canadian circuit.

Most recently, KCAA supported a milestone event for Korean-Canadians by sending three representative teams to participate in the 15th annual Korean American Olympics in Schaumburg, Chicago. Our teams brought back two gold medals out of the three categories we took part in, and thereby set an unprecedented reputation of great Korean Canadian talent in the North American stage.

It is our hope to continually grow KCAA and provide many opportunities through which amateur athleticism can be explored and cultivated. We welcome you to join us in our journey as we continue to partner with many of the community’s leading corporations, leaders and other organizations to expand and bring high-quality organized sports to our community!

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Kim
Executive Director